moving-me: makes it easy to be fit

Stay fit and balanced and prevent back problems very easy with moving. Train with the moving video clips on your computer, tablet or smartphone just when and where you want.

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You’ll be surprised how easy it is, to improve your wellbeing with moving.

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    moving is good for your employees

    moving-me keeps your employees fit and healthy! Treat your employees and let them benefit form the moving-me online-coaching.

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    User feedback

    Klaus Kohler, Manager im Ruhestand: "For more than two decades, I'm practising moving - short, but regularly and often several times a day. The positive effect for the body and for the soul is always amazing. Especially in particularly challenging times, moving has always proven to be very good for my well being. moving I call therefore 'my survival training' and would not like to miss it."

    Uta Etzold, moving Anwenderin:
    "I have purchased the program about 8 years ago. A few years ago coming from a completely different profession, I had established a small network-monitoring company. after long computer-working days I had the impression I would be unable to work, if I could not develop a better management of the posture at work. With the help of a specially trained physiotherapist I converted my entire workplace. She has also advised me to practise moving. With these supporters I could efficiently reduce pain at work  - until today "

    Anja Dimowski, BARMER GEK Schwerin:
    "In our team I have infected my colleagues with the moving virus. Every working day (!) shortly after 10 pm, the phones are turned off, we open the windows wide and we focus only on us.It crunches and cracks and tweaks here and there during the exercises and each time we all say:"That wa really good!!!".You have reached us. This feedback I wanted to give once. "